Out team of IT Experts are available to handle any ICT related issues that your Business may Experience. We specialize in.

  • Installation and Configuration of Network equipment, Phones, Firewalls and Servers.
  • Network Troubleshooting.
  • Data Recovery 
  • Software and Hardware Installations.
  • Software Licensing
  • Training and Capacity building on various ICT Technologies and best practices
  • General Consultation 

We offer on premise support for hardware related issues such as faulty printers, networking devices, faulty computers or laptops or even software related issues on locally hosted systems.

Online consultation and Troubleshooting  is done via anydesk , remote desktop or any other RDP application you prefer. This is best for solving software related issues that  may occur during your day to day business routines. For example lack of internet access due to miss configurations of networking devices or firewalls, software update and licensing issues among others

Our Team will be able to assist you so sort out these challenges as quick as possible

Schedule a call via our chatbot and we will be in touch as soon as we can or  Get in touch with us for more details.