Need an Affordable wifi solutions for home or business? 

 High speed internet connection is an essential service for many businesses these days. It increases employee and process productivity and attracts, engages, and creates a memorable customer experience. However, access, maintenance, and initial setup cost for a business Wi-Fi network can be an expensive project for you. Take advantage of our amazing service for the most affordable internet service connectivity in Kenya. 

  At Smart Hand Solutions we offer broadband Wifi infrastructure for your business at not cost. You will only be changed for the amount of Data you subscribe to monthly. Our packages start from 30GB Monthly for 10 Users

The package includes a wifi router subscribed to a broadband Network  with a good connectivity at your business premise  (Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom or Faiba).

This is high speed 4G internet connectivity  that can be accessed from anywhere in Kenya. Location is not a Problem.   

This package is best for businesses, companies and educational institutions in up county or rural areas where access to high speed internet is a challenge. 

Depending on the number of users you have we will be able to provide the best internet solution for you. Get in touch with us for us for a quote. 

  • Pay Initial  2000Ksh for 4G Router  + 1 Month Subscription. 
  • Pay 1500Ksh  Monthy After.