MML HR Solution.


MML Technologies Limited, a prominent Kenyan HRM solutions company, proudly presents its latest innovation, the MML HR System. Designed to revolutionize human resource management practices, this cutting-edge software solution is ideally configured on a server, granting authorized users convenient online access anywhere anytime.

The MML HR System is specifically tailored to address the needs of organizations with diverse workforces and substantial employee bases. With its comprehensive range of features and functionalities, this robust management system offers an unparalleled solution to streamline HR processes and enhance overall efficiency.

One of the primary advantages of the HR System is its ability to centralize and automate crucial HR tasks. By automating routine processes, organizations can optimize their resources, allowing HR personnel to focus on strategic initiatives and talent development.

MML HR System incorporates advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into their workforce dynamics. Through real-time data visualization and customizable reports, organizations can make informed decisions, identify trends, and proactively address potential issues related to employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Moreover, the System offers seamless integration with existing HR tools and systems such as NHIF, NSSF, KRA among others, ensuring a smooth transition and interoperability with various HR software and government bodies. This flexibility allows organizations to leverage their existing technology investments while harnessing the power of the MML HR System to drive HR excellence.

Human Resource
Time Tracking & Attendance
Leave Management

MML technologies have developed the MML HR System, an advanced payroll solution that supports an unlimited number of employees and users, with support for tracking benefit accruals and multiple deduction types, as well as providing compliance reporting tools. The system comprises of integrated modules in all aspects of Human Resource Management and payroll functions including management of pension disbursements.

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