University Learning Management System

University Learning Management System (LMS) Solutions

Our University Learning Management System (LMS) solutions offer advanced online course marketplaces meticulously designed to streamline your online education operations effectively. These comprehensive platforms facilitate seamless interaction between instructors and students, creating environments that foster sharing and collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Instructors can create a wide array of educational resources, including:
    • Unlimited video courses
    • Live classes
    • Text-based lessons
    • Projects
    • Quizzes
    • File uploads

These diverse ranges of content empower students to engage with various learning materials and enhance their skill levels significantly.


  • Aligned with real-world business requirements, cultural nuances, and insights from advanced user research.
  • Customizable to meet specific business needs and deliver tailored educational experiences.

Package Includes:

  • Access to complete source code and documentation.
  • Installation and customization support.
  • Domain registration services.
  • Six-month user support for ongoing assistance.
  • Training resources for seamless platform navigation and utilization.

By investing in our comprehensive LMS solutions package, you can optimize your online education business operations and provide rich learning experiences for both instructors and students.


Why Choose MML LMS Solutions.

• A comprehensive solution for online businesses.
• Based on real business needs and requirements
• Multiple content types (Video courses, Live classes, text courses)
• Public & private classes
• Quiz & certification
• You-tube, Vimeo, and AWS integration
• Google calendar integration
• Single & multiple instructors
• User permissions
• Class support system
• Noticeboard
• Offline payment
• Multiple live class systems support
• Multilanguage
• Fully responsive
• Fully customizable

Package Includes.

  • Complete Source code & Documentation
  • Installation and Customization
  • Domain Registration.
  • 6 Month User support 
  • Training